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We are all about convenience here at Prize Painting and we try to make scheduling a painting contractor as easy as possible. We've established a quick and easy way for our customers to pay online and schedule bookings without the hassle of calling, waiting for a call back, and scheduling an appointment for an estimate only to find out that the contractor is booked for the next three months.  

If you would like to book Prize Painting for interior residential painting...this is just for you!

First: Decide what painting services you need performed at your location. 

Second: Measure your room or rooms. Length times width equals square footage. 

Third: Select the service that matches the size of your room and work desired. Pay for your service. 

Fourth: Book your appointment. We'll contact you to confirm your booking and discuss your project. 

Fifth: We'll see you soon!

The prices on our website are for painting services only. They do not include paint, sheetrock repair, or any other type of repair to a surface to be painted. Costs to repair surfaces to be painted are additional. Prize Painting reserves the right to amend the project cost based on condition of the home. 

Please get in touch with any inquiries. Be sure to include your contact information as well as any important details about your needs.

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